We are an association that helps those in need for a change in their lives. View our long-term rehab program which is the best in the region. We’ll help your return to back the way things were in your life. Everything that’s lost will be regained.

About Long-Term Rehab Treatment

What is a long-term rehab treatment? Every time a person that has problems with addiction, whether it’s gambling, alcohol or drugs, decides to undergo our treatment we tend to keep them in the program until they completely overcome the problem. The longer the treatment, the slimmer chancer are for them to go back to old ways.

Addiction Intervention Services

Gambling problems tend to destroy families and change lives in such ways that they are irreparable. With our long-term rehab program, we focus on overcoming as well as repairing that seemingly irreparable damage.

Substance addiction can cause serious health as well as mental problems. Depending on which of those two are greater in a patient we chose an approach that helps them or allows them to help themselves.

Sex addiction is more serious than it sounds and everyone that has a problem of similar nature should turn to us for help, as we know of best ways to deal with the matter at hand.

Alcohol addiction services are offered to all of those who are ready to leave this nasty habit of over-extensive drinking that’s been destroying their lives. Whenever they feel ready, we start by showing support from the first step of the program.

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About our author

Alexandra Harrison was raised and born in Illinois, where she studied psychology and got her Ph.D. Ever since she was a child she wanted to help people overcome their biggest problems; now she’s doing exactly that.


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