About us


Our biggest contribution to fight against drug addiction is our services and help of our employees. Every day we try to find new ways and methods to approach the problem of addiction in our society. Our staff is constantly improving their skills and increasing their knowledge on medicine and psychology by attending seminars and conventions. Our company was founded in IL, Oak Brook, and one person in particular was responsible the most for our growth, that is Alexandra Harrison. She alone contributed to improvement growth of our company more than any other previous CEO or future head of staff. Our rehab program was available since 1998. Our biggest concern was attracting enough clients, therefore patients, and ever the years we've accumulated quite a list of patients with real addiction problems, all of which lead a normal life now.


Michael Wong Manager

“I don’t know what I would've done if I didn't find them online. My life was turning to the point of no return, luckily I found them and started changing it for the better. “

Sarah Jay Web Developer

“I am forever grateful for their services, my cousin has a life once again, and nothing can change that. I recommend their therapy for anyone who has a problem themselves or knows someone who needs a good rehab program.”

Tom Smith Fisherman

“Most of the times I refused help, but when I decided that I want a change, I knew where to look for help. I contacted them, and after a year my life was my own again.”

Mark Told Sportsman

“No one has better treatment program in the region; this is why I choose to sing up and give it a try. I heard about them via my cousin, and together decided that it’s best that I try it out.”